The 10 Most Instagrammable Desserts in London

Instagram most instagrammable best pictures dessert desserts london wrap your lips around this

A rundown of the tastiest and most Instagram-worthy desserts in London

Desserts – who doesn’t love them? London has some of the best food in the world right now, and you can get pretty much anything you fancy. Including a stunning little sweet treat (or 10).

From matcha to marshmallow and everything in between, here are some of the most delicious and most Instagram worthy desserts in London right now…

1. Frozen S’mores at Dominique Ansel

Instagram most instagrammable desserts best pictures dessert london wrap your lips around this dominique ansel marshmellow smores

Dominique Ansel, the inventors of the insta-famous Cronut, are finally in London with a new London outpost of their bakery.

Better than the cronut, the Frozen S’mores at Dominique Ansel have to be one of the most Instagrammable desserts in London. They are also absolutely delicious.

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The Frozen S’mores are formed of Tahitian vanilla ice cream, coated in chocolate crispies and then with honey marshmallow that is flame torched to order. Delish.

2. Pear and chocolate choux buns at The Shard

Deep in the evening, when London is at its most sparkly, the view from Oblix at the Shard is hard to beat.

Pear and chocolate choux for date night at The Shard ❤ #mylondondish

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Whilst you take in the view also try this incredibly edible dessert of pear & chocolate choux. Spoon it up with its underlying cocoa crumble, and dip in to the deliciously sharp William pear sorbet to finish. Mmmm.

3. Pain Perdu at Ladurée

Ladurée, how you tease us with your perfect little macarons and impeccable desserts…

Our favourite dessert from this French powerhouse of a patisserie has to be the Pain Perdu. We love the soft, milk-soaked brioche with its caramelised top, served with a big helping of cloud-soft Chantilly cream. Oh la la.

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4. Matcha soft serve ice cream at Tombo

Working #FoodpornFridays on the blog 🙃 Link in bio for more on this matcha soft serve beaut 😮

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The list of most Instagrammable desserts in London wouldn’t be complete without a solid helping of matcha, and we love it in its pure, unadultered ice-creamy form at Tombo.

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The matcha ice cream has a great depth of flavour, intensified even more by an extra dusting of matcha.

I got this shot just outside of Tombo, against a grey wall, as you do ;)

Instagram most instagrammable best pictures dessert london wrap your lips around this tombo matcha ice cream

5. Sticky toffee pudding at The Park Tavern

Rich, hot and deep – a sticky toffee pudding on the quiet side of Wandsworth @parktavernsw18 😍

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A gooey, rich dessert is always going to look impressive, and the sticky toffee pudding from the Park Tavern is no exception.

We love the decadent butterscotch-soaked pudding, served with vanilla ice cream, walnuts and an orange coulis.

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Instagram most instagrammable desserts best pictures dessert london wrap your lips around this sticky toffee pudding park tavern

Instagram most instagrammable desserts best pictures dessert london wrap your lips around this sticky toffee pudding park tavern

6. Caramelised bananas, waffles and donuts at Dirty Bones Soho

Cold brew, waffles, donuts, my old friends 😍 Add a caramelised banana or two and boom 💥

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The new Soho outpost of Dirty Bones offers a range of outrageously foodporn-y items, including their signature cheeseburger gyoza.

Start with these parcels of meat and cheese before finishing off with dessert. Think fluffy waffles piled high with caramelised bananas and peanut butter ice cream. Drool.

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Instagram most instagrammable desserts best pictures dessert london wrap your lips around this waffles peanut butter dirty bones soho

7. Flaming Baked Alaska at The Drift

Because action-packed desserts are the best, a picture of a flaming Baked Alaska is always going to do brilliantly on Instagram. In addition, all that movement and vibrancy is also going to make for a great Instagram Story.

Add this to the fact that The Drift is basically a fishbowl (walled almost entirely) and you know you’re going to get ample natural light to take a great shot in. Plus, its a tasty little number too #winning.

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8. Salted caramel brownies at Ben’s Canteen

We visited Ben’s Canteen in Battersea last year and polished off a rather good brunch, ending with an almighty wodge of salted caramel brownie.

It’s thick, fudgy and incredibly moreish. And it looks like a tower of pure chocolate if taken from the right angle ;)

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9. Bubble waffles at Nosteagia

Fluffy waffles? Tick. Shaped into a cone? Tick. Filled with ice cream, chocolate, fruit, and any candy you can imagine? Yes, yes and yes.

I mean, this dessert from Nosteagia is basically going to take care of itself of Instagram. Don’t even write a caption; just post it and let it do *all* the work itself. Mmm, tasty.

10. Donuts from Bread Ahead

Almost-the-weekend donuts. Squidgy 🤗

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Because they are so often described as the best doughnuts/donuts in London they had to be part of our list. We love the Bread Ahead ones for their fluffy dough and impressively voluminous custard fillings. Yumm.

What are your favourite things to eat in London? Do you look at a desserts and instantly know that you’ll want to Instagram pictures of it? Just us then #noshame ;)