And Another Thing… How Getting That ‘Perfect’ Picture Has Become My Blogger Obsession

How Getting That 'Perfect' Picture Has Become My Blogger Obsession wrap your lips around this tips review

So for the last few weeks I’ve been knee deep in products.

They accumulate around me, unopened. Their glossy boxes have become a constant reminder that my blog backlog is growing, and I need to do something about it.

With this is mind, the last few weekends have been dedicated to photography, in a bid to keep on top of things and so I can finally open products and start using them.

And another thing… eucalyptus, salt scrubs, sushi

I always keep an eye out for new props to use but, because I love them so much, fresh flowers have become my staple. And because I’ve had such a quick succession of different products to review and photograph, you can imagine just how many flowers there are currently in my house.

Mmm flowers.

And so it was that after I’d spent an afternoon bouncing between responding to emails, doing laundry and taking pictures, I took one last pic of everything together.

Because, damn bro, that’s a lot of flowers.

With all the flowers and products arranged for one last photo, I stood up again on the chair that I’d been jumping up and down from all afternoon to take this last photo.

Right after the last image was taken, the chair I was standing on slipped to the side, sending me flying in one direction and the chair in another, where it ultimately met its end.

A bang, a crash, the slow-motion feeling of falling, a bleeding arm, a broken chair.

My mum thinks I’m utterly mad… and I guess I see her point a bit. But you know what’s great though? Blitzing through that pile of boxes. Ahh.

It has been a long few weeks of ticking things of of my to-do list. I don’t regret chair-gate, but it has highlighted my slight (enormous, huge) obsession over trying to get a picture that I think is right.

I’m just going to have to think of better ways to take photos, without destroying things in my wake…

Stay tuned for my full product reviews to follow in a little bit. I need to start using this stuff so I can tell you something meaningful about it. I can tell you straight off though that I am a fan of this new cleanser. More to come soon.