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Yummy cakes at L'Eto Caffe
Yummy cakes

The naughtiest cakes in Soho


The cake display at L’Eto Caffe stops an impressive number of passers; pastries, pies, cakes, cheesecakes, and other voluptuous desserts are neatly lined up on chalk boards, swathed in pillowy cream, tropical fruits and chocolate chunks to name a few. The flavour combinations range from flamboyant mango and coconut meringue pie to classic mille feuille and most things in between.

After gawking at the display for a respectable amount of time, we head in for some tasting. The cake display leads to the till, where you place your order which is then brought to you. Although a good table service is irreplaceable, this style of service at least eliminates the frustrations of trying/pleading to place an order with uninterested waiters in other patisseries I can think of.

We secure a couple of low maintenance Formica tables and stools whilst waiting for cakes to be plated up. The chocolate cheesecake is velvety smooth and draped in chunks of syrup-glazed rhubarb, lifting this particular dessert from beyond the ordinary. Following suit, carrot cake benefits from the tropical twist – the sponge is interspersed with crunchy walnut but still manages to be light and moist, and is topped with vibrant mango, pineapple and shaved coconut, breathing life back into a classic pudding.

From the more traditional offerings we opt for lemon meringue pie which is just as it should be – a thin case of buttery pastry filled with bracing lemon curd and tufts of fluffy meringue. Next up, the dusky chocolate fudge cake is dusted liberally with cocoa powder and topped with a single blueberry, but richer than this is the chocolate bar – a brick of opulent dark chocolate interspersed with gloriously bittersweet walnut fragments. For drinks we choose cappuccinos, which are smooth, well frothed and served in sweet little mugs. Service is irrelevant, average price per person is £10.

Tube: Oxford Circus

Caribbean carrot cake at L'Eto Caffe
Caribbean carrot cake
Chocolate and rhubarb cheesecake at L'Eto Caffe
Chocolate and rhubarb cheesecake
Lemon meringue pie at L'Eto Caffe
Lemon meringue pie
Chocolate fudge cake at L'Eto Caffe
Chocolate fudge cake
Chocolate walnut bar at L'Eto Caffe
Chocolate walnut bar

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