Marylebone & Notting Hill


We marvel at black buns of lobster with seaweed and a trio dish of of kimchi ‘Kimchilogy’ that reverberate with umami goodness, and share stories of travels abroad with each other as we scoop up a rich red pork mince dip with sesame crackers…


At Lurra the Rubia Gallega steak comes from a 14 year old Galician cow, and is aged for over a month before being cooked on the Basque charcoal and wood erretegias.


Opso, named after the ancient Greek word for “delicacy”, is a Greek restaurant with a contemporary edge. Try a bowl of barrel aged feta cheese, which is of an entirely new texture to me, being elastic and pull-able rather than crumbly. Spooning this on top of toasty bread, doused in both olive oil and tzatziki, brings a pleasure so disproportionate that my dining companion edges an inch away from me. Sod it, it’s that good.