The Ritz

Whilst the afternoon tea at The Ritz has not been entirely flawless, the quality of the patisseries and the general luxuriousness of The Palm Court are lovely.

The Park Lane Hotel

The Royal Baby Shower afternoon tea is served in the hotel’s gorgeous Art Deco lounge, a decadent room of lustrous fabric and rose gold motifs.

Cookbook Cafe

Be sure to save space for the dessert bar which features a cacophony of dinky miniatures, from pistachio cake and creme brûlée, to plum pie and cheesecakes.

Intercontinental, London

The ‘Royal’ afternoon tea at Intercontinental is a fair example of it’s kind, with ingredients that can in places be luxurious, but a basic premise that centres on British classics.

May Fair Kitchen

A focus on grilled seafood and meat is apparent, and guests are encouraged to peruse open displays of crustacea and fridges of hanging and aged meats.