Oxford Circus

Dirty Bones

Served in a fat length of brioche bun, roughly the size of a small child’s forearm, is a hot dog with kimchi ketchup, wasabi mayo, sushi ginger, sesame and crispy seaweed.

Aqua Kyoto

Spring lamb chops, charred and glossy on the outside and rosy as a sunrise on the inside, are served on a tomato miso reduction with blackened courgette and pickled Japanese rose.

Pizza Pilgrims, Revisited

Fluffy crusts and the typical dotted charring on the undersides make up the  Neapolitan pizza at Pizza Pilgrims. Ingredients include fior de latte, pecorino, and egg yolks.

Stax Diner

Stax is a burger joint styled on Southern American soul food. Named after a Memphis record label, the short menu includes fried green tomatoes, shrimp po’ boys, and a bias toward Cajun spicing.

Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers Soho joint is the second branch of their seafood restaurant in London, with a special focus on crustaceans and oysters.

Carnaby Burger Co

In one burger, a chunky hulk of Portobello mushroom topped with chicken breast and an avalanche of hot, creamy, black-peppered onions and melted Emmental.