The Ship Tavern

The menu is based around traditional British fare, and a steak and ale pie full of stewed meat and thick, unctuous gravy, and topped with a lid of buttery pastry reminds us why this is such a classic.

Social Pantry

As we move through a range of pretty nibbles – seasonal vegetables with sexy little avocado dips and the most moreish cream on flatbread you’ll ever have – it becomes clear that Social Pantry is a catering company with a difference.

The Harwood Arms

Whilst the interior is informal in nature, the food could come from some the best kitchens in London and £39.50 for three courses represents good value for money.

Tom’s Kitchen

The concrete seems unblemished, like someone took a look at the bodies and decided they would be better at the bottom of the river – Tom’s Kitchen is all blond wood and no hot blood.

Smokehouse, Chiswick

The spuds start off well – boiled so that they are fluffy first, then mercilessly roasted to form a hard exterior, and later crusted with a thin layer of solid caramel that cracks in the best way.