Mac n’ Cheese and more at the Soho BRGR.CO

Named after the rock band started by super-cool Mexican guitarist Carlos Santana, the newest burger on the menu takes influence from the heat soaked streets of Mexico, combining a spice-crumbed chicken fillet with, sweetcorn, salsa, chipotle mayo, and cooling guacamole.

Dirty Bones

Served in a fat length of brioche bun, roughly the size of a small child’s forearm, is a hot dog with kimchi ketchup, wasabi mayo, sushi ginger, sesame and crispy seaweed.

Five Guys

The burgers are tepid – the meat is a passionless patty of miscellaneous cow, set in a wad of hardened processed cheese in a characterless white bun. Don’t do it.

Bobo Social

The burgers are petite and proper, appropriate against the flowery crockery and country-chic interior. Barely fist-sized, the waist conscious will have no guilt at indulging here.

Carnaby Burger Co

In one burger, a chunky hulk of Portobello mushroom topped with chicken breast and an avalanche of hot, creamy, black-peppered onions and melted Emmental.


The winning combination of molten cheese and beef patties melded between ample buns is celebrated in all itheir sloppy glory at MeatMarket in Covent Garden.