Comptoir Gascon

The phrase used ‘douceur de vivre’ (sweetness of life), is adopted with ease and, like its Basque muse, Comptoir Gascon focuses mainly on duck, foie gras and truffle.

Brasserie Gustave

When in the mood for something continental, head to Brasserie Gustave for all-French classics in a relaxed ambience. This quintessentially French restaurant offers fantastic brasserie classics and is well worth a visit.


Blanchette is a bistro on the less trodden D’Arblay Street in Soho, but it may as well be a world away. Behind its powder blue walls and misted single-paned windows is a rustic idyll.

Little Social

Jason Atherton breeds restaurants at a rate that would make even the most virile of bunnies blush, and has thwarted the derision of critics and bloggers alike.

Clos Maggiore

It’s no secret that the most romantic restaurant in London is regarded as Clos Maggiore, with a single room apparently potent enough to win this and other racier accolades.