Restaurant Reviews


Kettners is a Soho institution that has evolved through the decades, from pizza parlour to pudding bar, and now finally in its most current guise as a brasserie & champagne bar.

Conrad St James

Pineapple scones are hotly swaddled in cotton, waiting to be split and spread with clotted cream and a lime preserve that has as much bite as the air outside, enlivening in their sharpness.

Artisan Coffee School

Our course trainer is the fabulous Alessandro Bonuzzi, whose dry Italian wit and story-telling way of imparting knowledge make the long theoretical sections of the course a little more toothsome than they might otherwise be…

Dirty Bones

Served in a fat length of brioche bun, roughly the size of a small child’s forearm, is a hot dog with kimchi ketchup, wasabi mayo, sushi ginger, sesame and crispy seaweed.

W London

Savouries are Asian inspired buns and rolls, the best of which are filled with Thai shrimp cake, puffy and run through with lemongrass, cucumber relish and slivers of green mango.


Trendy Fulham has a new-ish Japanese restaurant that looks properly the business and might rival Roka for style. It’s all dark wood and vintage glass, clever lighting and cream, feathered design touches. It’s both gorgeous and understated, and really very elegant.