Restaurant Reviews

Kerbisher & Malt

The menu at the Ealing branch of Kerbisher offers Haddock, Cod, Plaice, Pollack and Coley, with the choice of having the fillet battered, grilled or ‘matzo mealed’.

The Fable

Created by Drake &Morgan (The Folly, Parlour, Anthologist and Refinery), The Fable bestows a peaceful hearth away from the realities of the outside world, with good food and drink to boot.

Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers Soho joint is the second branch of their seafood restaurant in London, with a special focus on crustaceans and oysters.

Carnaby Burger Co

In one burger, a chunky hulk of Portobello mushroom topped with chicken breast and an avalanche of hot, creamy, black-peppered onions and melted Emmental.

La Polenteria

La Polenteria in Soho is a restaurant that focuses on polenta, whcih is served in starters, mains and desserts, some of which are masterpieces in simplicity.

Bombay Palace

This Marylebone based curryhouse is on the high end of the spectrum, and its cuisine is Punjabi-led, with regional input from other parts of India.