South London

The Shrub and Shutter

Overall I love the feel of The Shrub and Shutter, and will be pining for more of those cocktails and inventive food for some time to come.

Mendoza Square

Try the prawn and steak fajita which comes sizzling on a hot skillet with slow charring onions and peppers, and a basket of soft, floury tortilla at this pan Latin American Clapham restaurant.

Augustine Kitchen

A plump parcel of cod, pearly white and opalescent, sets the scene for a dangerously edible main. Flowing down its back is an excess of gritty, black quinoa, and a fruity reduction.


The food at Zumbura is described as being from the Purab region of North East India, and is not unlike some of your typical Punjabi food with kofte, keema, sooji and gajar ka halwa.

The Dairy

In spite of the chef’s impressive pedigree, prices at The Dairy are affordable and tasting plates are the order of the day from the restaurants rooftop garden.