“Working with Mehreen is a great pleasure. She has a beautiful writing style and her blog is visually very rich. Mehreen’s reviews are honest and engaging, the way she describes and captures the dishes in her review are always spot on. Thank you!”

– Maryia Zakharava, InterContinental London Park Lane

“I always enjoy working with Mehreen, she is professional and full of personality. The blog is a delicious collection of reviews and Mehreen is a true friend of The Langham, London”

– Aysem Monaco Imison, Langham, London

“It’s rare that Mehreen hasn’t been to a restaurant in London, making her a widely read and respected contributor to Zomato. Her in-depth, honest reviews with edible-worthy photographs and often behind-the-scenes peeks are always of the highest quality and enjoyable reads.”

– Alexandra Kalinowski, Zomato

“Mehreen has created a blog that is both visually attractive and rich in content – if you look through the archives it’s clear she knows the London food scene well. A treat to work with and I know my clients will receive fair treatment, which is all I can ask for, really.”

– Carl Steer, Switched On

“Mehreen is one of my favourite bloggers for so many reasons. Her reviews are always fair, balanced and incredibly well written while her photography is simply stunning – some of the best I’ve seen from a blogger. I love the way each review is made personal and her readers get a little insight into her life as well as finding out more about the restaurant and the food. In person, Mehreen is warm and friendly and always a great person to have around at a dinner or an event.”

– Angie Silver, SilverSpoon London

“A prolific and talented writer, Mehreen’s ability with the camera is equally impressive. We were delighted with the work she produced with us. From a business perspective, Mehreen is also an absolute pleasure to work with. Responds very quickly to emails and has a very professional manner. We hope to continue working with her for a long time.”

– Frank Tigani, Starwood Hotels and Resorts

“Mehreen has been fantastic to work with. When trying to organise attendees at the last minute for a client event, she was quick to respond and professional. What’s more, in terms of content delivery, she really understood the brand, the service they were offering, and how to present this in an appealing way to her audience. Her pictures are brilliant – I seriously don’t know how she captured such great shots in a room with such poor lighting! I’d be surprised if the event photographer managed to do better.”

– Nik Speller, Creators’ Collective

“Mehreen has a lovely blog, one of our favourites. It is a perfect guide to London’s Gourmet food and drinks life. We were overwhelmed to see the review of our own JADU Tea, as she explained the brand and its soul beautifully, both with her words and pictures. We really appreciate her effort and time spent on taking those amazing pictures and researching the brand.”

– Vineesh Singh Tokas, JADU Tea

“After spending some time at Carom and speaking to both myself and other members of staff, Mehreen put together a blog post that captured the nuances of our food in great detail, complete with useful feedback for us to work on. I would say that she is a ‘Shooting Star’ among the current generation of journalists/bloggers and we would be happy to have her in again, and wish her the best for all her future endeavours.”

-Vishnu Natarajan, Executive Head Chef at Carom

“Having Mehreen Review our ‘Patisserie Perfection’ afternoon tea at Corinthia London was a pleasure, she was not only professional but a delightful host, we would be delighted to have her visit us again. Thanks again Mehreen”

– Sarah Barber, Head Pastry Chef at Corinthia

“I had read Mehreen’s previous restaurant reviews and I was very impressed with her professional approach. Her reviews I felt were balanced and fair, and when she came in to our restaurant she choose well from the menu and her opinion of our food was spot on for that point in time…..it was accurate and pertinent. We appreciated Mehreen’s first review so much that we have asked her to return.”

– Patricia Barnett, Koji

“Mehreen attended the official launch of The Piano Works and accredited us with a beautifully detailed, unbiased review of her experience. Fantastically enough for us, her experience was a great one and our clients have commented on the usefulness of her blog. With her creative use of language and keen eye for photography, she was able to bring our food and cocktails to life. In addition to all of this, using social media platforms such as instagram, twitter and facebook, Mehreen has continued to support The Piano Works, for which we will be forever grateful”

– Craig Woodley, The Piano Works

“Collaborating with Mehreen was an absolute delight – she is not only professional but lovely to host! Our client really enjoyed her in-depth review, gorgeous images and the scope of engagement with her followers. Thanks again, Mehreen!”

– Melissa Dive, Ophir PR

“Mehreen came along as a guest to one of our Shaken Lock-Ins. Not only did Mehreen write a lovely blog post about her experience but she also coupled this with some beautiful photography. We were delighted to receive her review of our Shaken Lock-In experience.”

– Katerina Georgiou, Shaken Cocktails