West London

Charlotte’s Place

Charlotte’s Place have recently hired Lee Cadden as head chef, whose previous experience includes working in the Malt House, and have launched a 5 course tasting menu.

Artisan Coffee School

Our course trainer is the fabulous Alessandro Bonuzzi, whose dry Italian wit and story-telling way of imparting knowledge make the long theoretical sections of the course a little more toothsome than they might otherwise be…

Chateau Dessert

Miniatures include lemon meringues, banoffee bites, fruit tarts, coffee and praline domes, berries and assorted macarons and naughty little chocolates of ganache and biscuit.

Smokehouse, Chiswick

The spuds start off well – boiled so that they are fluffy first, then mercilessly roasted to form a hard exterior, and later crusted with a thin layer of solid caramel that cracks in the best way.