Restaurant Reviews

House of Ho

New techniques are applied to Vietnamese food including sous vide, applied to a 45-minute jelly-textured egg, cooked with broken rice, ginger and spring onions.

Mele E Pere

The best of the mains is a 1.2kg T-bone steak, kissed with charcoal and sliced to reveal blushing insides, its Jurassic-proportioned bone overflowing a wrought iron pan.


Cocomaya is the sweet-shop collaboration between a trio of fashions biggest names including the former head of concept at Liberty and Agent Provocateur co-founder Serena Rees.


Meat is the order of the day; either cooked in ‘the pit’ or on ‘the spit’, options include caramelized coco cola glazed pork ribs, spit roast chicken, and grilled sirloin on the bone.

Toro Gordo

Toro Gordo is a vivacious Spanish restaurant in Hammersmith, serving Catalonia-styled fish and meat based tapas in generous portions and in an affable atmosphere.

Comptoir Gascon

The phrase used ‘douceur de vivre’ (sweetness of life), is adopted with ease and, like its Basque muse, Comptoir Gascon focuses mainly on duck, foie gras and truffle.