#FoodpornFridays in Florida – double cheeseburger with avocado at Fords Garage!

#FoodpornFridays at Fords Garage Fort Myers Florida - double cheese burger avocado wrap your lips around this

#FoodpornFridays – Fords Garage, Miromar, Florida

Welcome to our second week of #FoodpornFridays, where we will be talking about that incredible double cheeseburger from Fords Garage located in the Miromar outlet mall in Fort Myers, Florida.

Just look at it, in all its perfect, enormous, cheese and meat glory.

The patties are Angus beef and cooked to a lush pink medium colour, as requested. Atop each slab of meat is a slice of classic American cheese, because that’s the way we love it. We’ve added a sliver of lettuce, you know, for balance ;) We’ve also chosen to add sliced avocado to our custom-designed burger, which actually really helps to give it some freshness.

Because we order these things to first and foremost show you guys, the picture has to be perfect. So perfect that we find the best pose is for the burger to be held up. So it is with hot, meaty juices dripping down our elbows that we take this truly ginormous burger in hand, just about manage to grip it, and balance it precariously in front of the Fords Garage hand painted sign on exposed brick. It’s so on trend, it literally hurts.

Job. Done.

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After taking a couple of shots we head back to the table and tuck in. With a knife and fork, because our mouths don’t distend as wide as this burger would need.

Thoughts? Really, really, really good…

We love that when we cut off slices of the burger to eat, that the rest of the burger keeps it’s shape. The toasted brioche bun is also a great little thought as it really soaks up all the juices without crumbling or disintegrating. The Angus beef patties are cooked really nicely too, with just enough pink but not underdone in any way. They also have a really great, clean flavour, and the American cheese slices just tie everything together in a neat little package.

We’ve enjoyed our authentic not-so-little taste of Americana, and would highly recommend popping in to Fords Garage if you’re even in Miromar, Florida!

That’s it for our #FoodpornFridays in Florida post at Fords Garage! Let us know where else we can get that one fab thing in London ;)