José Gordón: The world’s best steak at The World’s End Market

Jose Gordon meat review worlds end market chelsea

José Gordón meat menu at The World’s End Market

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been to a restaurant, and told that the it serves the best steak in the world. In the entire world. It’s happened so much that I’m immune to the statement. I find myself in a similar situation at The World’s End Market, having been asked in to try out their debut José Gordón meat menu.

Jose Gordon meat review worlds end market chelsea

Jose Gordon meat review worlds end market chelsea

After an amble down Kings Road my companion and I find ourselves at the doors of The Worlds End Market. The restaurant sits elegantly in an iconic Chelsea pub, and for the last few years has been one of the best places to eat in the area. With this in mind I’m more open to the waiter who, as we sit down, assures us of the absoluteness in terms of quality and taste of the José Gordón meat we are about to try. My ears automatically fall numb to the adulations, but…

I love it.

Is the José Gordón meat really that good?

In short: yes.

Part of the José Gordón set menu is a main of Picanha steak, and I love it in a way that I haven’t really loved steak in a while. All of the previous wrongs that have been inflicted on the various steaks that I’ve eaten in the past are swept aside today at The World’s End Market.

I ask for the steak to be cooked in between medium rare and rare, and thats exactly what I get. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve gotten it at precisely the shade I want.

Jose Gordon meat review worlds end market chelsea

The next usual obstacle is the flavour element, or lack thereof in some cases. Usually I need a good helping of either sauce to duck a steak in. This time round, on the José Gordón set menu, the option of a sauce isn’t even specified.


When the steak comes out and we have that first bite we soon realise that a sauce is most definitely not needed. The steak has this wondrous flavour; this juiciness and unbeatably savoury meatiness. Like you can feel the animal breathing deeply in and out as you chew. In that instance it is like realising that actually, this is how a steak should feel and taste and smell. Like the difference between buying a bunch of roses at the side of a garage that have no fragrance, and comparing them to a dozen long stem beauties whose aroma fills a whole house.


Why is José Gordón said to produce some of the best steak in the world?

Let’s backtrack a little, and explore what it means to be a José Gordón animal. The cattle lead a pampered life at El Capricho, Gordón’s farm and restaurant in Spain. Gordón raises, ages and cooks his meat to the very highest of standards on his farm in the village of Jimenez de Jamuz. Unlike most livestock, the animals are raised on the farm until just the right moment, living sometimes up to 15 years. After slaughter, Gordón hangs the meat in a nearby cave for as long as 180 days. This allows the flavour deepen and intensify.

Back at the restaurant, the process is finished. Our 90 day dry aged Picanha steaks, that have roamed for years on the Spanish plains, are now impeccably cooked and oozing flavour.The World’s End Market showcases this meat brilliantly, and I’m not surprised that the restaurant is the only one in London to feature a permanent collaboration with José Gordón.

Jose Gordon meat review worlds end market chelsea

We also love the carpaccio from the Entrecote, which is matured for 180 days in gorgeous Spanish olive oil. The carpaccio is cut beautifully thin and shines ruby red, glossy with oil and packed full of flavour.

Jose Gordon meat review worlds end market chelsea

The José Gordón set menu also includes flank Steak from the Vacio de Buey and cured ox of the Cecina de Buey.

Dessert and final thoughts

After all that meatiness we are rewarded with a beautifully liquid-centred chocolate fondant, and vanilla panna cotta for dessert.

Jose Gordon meat review worlds end market chelsea

Jose Gordon meat review worlds end market chelsea

It’s been a magnificent dinner at The World’s End Market tonight, and I’m glad to be able to report that José Gordón will be now be a permanent feature of the restaurant. Nom.

Have you been tried José Gordón meat before? Where would you recommend for a great steak in London?

Tube: Fulham Broadway
Address: 459 King’s Road, Chelsea SW10 0LR
Tel: 020 7352 2150
In the interest of full disclosure please be advised that the meal was provided on a complimentary basis. With thanks to The Worlds End Market for having us in.

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