Isaan, Doha Isaan, Doha

The brunch concept is styled around Thai hawker street food with several different cooking stations in the vast restaurant area and fresh, fragrant food at every corner.

Isaan, Doha
Bills Bills

This chain of restaurants boasts an good back story, starting from a stand-alone grocers stall selling fresh fruit, homemade jams, olive oils and other charming condiments.

Lurra Lurra

At Lurra the Rubia Gallega steak comes from a 14 year old Galician cow, and is aged for over a month before being cooked on the Basque charcoal and wood erretegias.

Lawns at Thornton Hall Lawns at Thornton Hall

The executive chef at Lawns is Matt Worswick, previously of Glenapp Castle, who joined Lawns in November and cooks up a fine, modern European menu.

Lawns at Thornton Hall
British / Modern European
Santorini, Greece Santorini, Greece

This is my very first holiday post in what I hope will be many more to come! I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and it’s got me bad. Where I once used to pillage the internet for info on restaurants, it’s now for cheap flights to anywhere within a 3 hour radius of London.

Santorini, Greece
Cocomaya Cocomaya

Cocomaya is the sweet-shop collaboration between a trio of fashions biggest names including the former head of concept at Liberty and Agent Provocateur co-founder Serena Rees.

Hawksmoor Air Street Hawksmoor Air Street

A bloody cut of meat is perhaps one of the few remaining animal tendencies we indulge in, and the acquisition of said flesh may sometimes seem like the greatest need to fulfil.

Hawksmoor Air Street
Pollen Street Social Pollen Street Social

Sired by Jason Atherton, there is potential for Pollen Street Social to offer the kind of culinary flexing that one would expect from an ex elBulli chef.

Pollen Street Social
Modern European