Dirty Bones

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Hot dogs, burgers and bone-in barbequed meat


Living in West London can be total arse ache when it comes to socializing, as all the best new places open up at the very other end of town. Whole tube lines have to be traversed in order to get there, and it’s the sort of time that I’m rarely willing to commit to – Dalston and Peckam will have to wait for now. It’s therefore something of a blessing when somewhere with street potential opens up in my end of town, with the promise of American junk food and a commute of under 20 minutes. That place is Dirty Bones in High Street Kensington, serving hot dogs, burgers and bone-in barbequed meat, which is as unlikely a proposal as any but one I’ve been meaning to try for ages.

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Williamson Tea

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Product Review – Kenyan tea

I recently met up with a friend who described Wrap Your Lips Around This as ‘a blog for restaurants and, weirdly, tea’. I suppose it’s a bit overt and he has a point, but there just aren’t that many things as satisfying as a cuppa. It’s a simple thing that doesn’t require a lot of effort, and there is so much variety and history to become immersed in. To add to my collection, I’m trying out a few of the teabags from Williamson Tea, a family business now in its fifth generation of farming tea.

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Drink or inhale your cocktails


There’s something wonderfully tactile about Noir; the damask of the coal-shaded walls and the shine of slick ebony tables that somehow draw you into their dusk, the splashes of brass and moss hued leather that detail out the darkness.

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Tom’s Kitchen – Canary Wharf

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Easy, unchallenging food in the quiet of Canary Wharf


Wide open, unpeopled spaces and hard, deliberate angles – that’s how Canary Wharf looks on a Saturday evening. The concrete seems untrodden and unblemished and the offices feel untouched, like someone took a look at the furniture and the bodies and decided they would be better at the bottom of the river. The thoroughfare is brisk, expansive and even larger in its solitude, and the avenue doesn’t encourage lingering. With the scene thus set, it doesn’t then surprise me to see how empty Tom’s Kitchen is, all blond wood and no hot blood.

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Augustine Kitchen

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Food from the Alps


One of the great things about being able to blog about what you love is that you get to meet like-minded people, and two years of writing about food have led me to some absolute sweethearts, who look at a Baked Alaska with exactly the same kind of need that I do. My tribe. Every month or so a group of us will meet up for food, drink and a natter, and this time round we find ourselves gathering for a lunch at Augustine Kitchen.

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A Bullying Bakery

Character Assasination – mine

*I’ve closed the comments to this blog post, and don’t intend to engage very much on social media about the issue. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who commented with feedback, and especially to the people who were supportive. It’s been a bit of a rough week, but your words were something of a haven to me and I appreciate that you took the time to write them.*

So something really weird happened yesterday, and at first I wasn’t going to write anything on my blog about it, but I feel it’s now a situation that is very necessary to address.

I contacted a bakery in High Street Kensington a few months ago, to see if I might be able to engage with them as a blogger, come in and try the product, and write something about it on my blog. They replied to my exploratory email with the following:

‘Many thanks for emailing us! Your articles are amazing! We would be delighted to collaborate and invite you over for a tea and some sweet treats that are off-the-hook and unique to Anges for review! Please, do let us know if you would like to visit us! :)’

To me, that seemed like a clear and enthusiastic invitation to come in to the bakery for a review. At this juncture let’s just pause a second to address the concept of being invited somewhere ‘for a review’.

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W London

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Asian inspired afternoon tea in Soho


It’s pouring down buckets and my shoes are starting to squelch; my new Zara mid season coat with exactly zero buttons is all a-flapper around my face, and my umbrella is long abandoned, it’s broken body no match for Zues’ furious pissfall outside. Summer might be turning out to be just a little rubbish, but even the gloomiest of days can be lifted with a spot of tea (at least until it reaches an acceptable enough time to drink whisky).

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Sketch – Lecture Room & Library

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A Michelin lunch at a snip with Bookatable


I think if I had an unlimited supply of money and a heart that easily forgave, then I’d write only great things in the next few paragraphs about my lunch today at Sketch. Although there is a lot to like about the set lunch menu, which is full of inventiveness and creative meanderings, not everything works exactly as it should, and there are a few fundamental oversights in service. 

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